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Twin Sides Labeling Machine

Twin Sides Labeling Machine


It is suitable for labeling regular or irregular products one or two sides, such as oil tanks,machine tanks, beverage cans and all various bottles for one Or two sides labeling.


  • The entire body is made of S304 stainless steel and the advanced anodized aluminum alloy.

  • System control with Advantech color human machine and Panasonic PLC

  • Labeling head is high-class stepping motor driving

  • Conveyor belt with LI-MING AC motor driver

  • Using high-grade photo sensor.

  • The alarm function is for no label, broken label counting label, and the preset number of labels is reached.

  • Adjustable labeling head can be inclined to 20 degrees.

  • The power of conveyor, correcting device, upper pressing device are from the same source in order to make sure labeling stable.

  • Correcting device is suitable for any different kinds of containers, it is easy to operate without changing moles of adjusting mechanical rotation.

Twin Sides Labeling Machine



TEL : +886-4-8283395

FAX : +886-4-8283393

ADDRESS : No.535, Xinglin RD., Puxin Township, Changhua County 51341, Taiwan

LINE ID:ckf45106464

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